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The sidewalk that runs from your house to the street (if you have one) is your responsibility. The sidewalk that runs across the front or side of your property along the street is the City’s responsibility. You can contact the Street Department at 217-732-4655 or by email if you think the condition of your walk constitutes an immediate hazard and the Street Superintendent will come out and look at the walk to determine its condition.


If your sidewalk is not deemed an immediate hazard, but you feel it needs to be repaired, you will need to complete a Sidewalk Petition Form. When completing the form you’ll need to list the location and dimensions of the sidewalk in question. Be sure to check the box on the form that lets the City know if you will be doing and paying for the work yourself, if you will be doing do the work and asking the City to reimburse you, or asking the City does the work at their expense.


When the form is complete, return it to the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. Once the petition is filed, the Sidewalk Committee of the City Council will discuss it at their next Tuesday workshop session. Following action by the Sidewalk Committee, the City Council as a whole will vote on the requested repairs at their next voting meeting. You will then receive a letter from City Hall letting you know if the petition was approved or denied.


For more information on this subject, you can review the City ordinances on Sidewalk Construction found in Title 8, Chapter 6 of the City Code (8-6-1 through 8-6-7). 


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