Council Minutes

The City of Lincoln Public Hearing – Vacation of Pekin Street Right of Way met in the Council Chambers on Monday, September 19, 2016. 

City Clerk Mrs. Gehlbach called the roll call.  There were eight Aldermen present (Alderman Bauer, Alderman Hoefle, Alderman Hoinacki, Alderman Horn, Alderman Mourning, Alderman Parrott, Alderman Tibbs and Alderman Welch) and none absent. Also present were Street Superintendent Mr. Landers, Police Chief Adams, Building and Safety Officer Mr. Lebegue, American Water Manager Mr. Ferguson and Fire Chief Miller.  Also present were Mayor Neitzel, City Treasurer Mr. Conzo, City Attorney Mr. Blinn Bates, City Administrator Mr. Johnson, City Clerk Mrs. Gehlbach, and Recording Secretary Mrs. Riggs.

Mayor Neitzel called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on the Vacation of Pekin Street Right of Way.

Mr. Rick Whiteman said his business is on Pekin Street and was told that the drop off will come by his business. He is disappointed and was not trying to cause the City of Lincoln any problems.  He wants to know what is going on. 

Alderman Mourning said that Mr. Whiteman was promised that he could build out 14 feet on his property by former Mayor Snyder.  Mayor Neitzel said the City might be able to do something and it can be talked about.  Mr. Whiteman would like to expand his business and has waited knowing that there was going to be work done.  Mayor Neitzel said she did not know about any promise that had been given.  City Administrator Mr. Johnson said there will still be access and they are working with the design to accommodate Mr. Whiteman. 

Mr. Whiteman said he wants to stay in Lincoln and he is the one that is affected the most and would like something in writing. 

Alderman Welch said that it has been confirmed what he was told and would like to table this at the voting session.  He appreciated Mr. Whiteman coming to the meeting.

Alderman Tibbs said she felt they should table the vote on Pekin Street Right-of-Way for tonight’s meeting. 

Mrs. Sue Whiteman wanted to know if Mayor Neitzel had to follow through what Mayor Snyder and former Mayor Cooper had already been discussed.  Everyone said that Mayor Neitzel did not have to follow through with the project as those were former Mayors. 

Mrs. Whiteman wanted Mayor Neitzel to check into the vacation of the street itself on Pekin and Chicago.   She wanted to know if there could be a stop sign at the corner on the North side of Pekin Street. 

Alderman Mourning said the street that is being vacated is between the red signs and is immediately by the railroad tracks. 

Mrs. Whiteman said the street from Pekin Street to Chicago Street should be vacated.  She is not happy with the dumpster being out their front door. 

Mayor Neitzel closed the hearing at 7:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Risa Riggs

Recording Secretary

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