Council Minutes

Minutes of the City of Lincoln City Council Special Joint Committees' Meeting with the Logan County Board on Wednesday, September 21, 2016. The meeting opened at 7:07 p.m.

Introduction of Guests:

City Clerk Mrs. Gehlbach called the roll. There were seven Aldermen present (Alderman Bauer, Alderman Hoinacki, Alderman Hom, Alderman Parrott, Alderman Tibbs and Alderman Welch) and one absent (Alderman Mourning). Also present were Mayor Neitzel, City Clerk Mrs. Gehlbach, City Administrator Mr. Johnson, and Recording Secretary Mrs. Riggs.

County Board members present were: Mr. Rick Aylesworth, Mr. Kevin Bateman, Mr. David Blankenship, Mrs. Emily Davenport, Mr. Robert Farmer, Dr. David Hepler, Mr Miles Craig, Mr. Patrick O'Neal, Mr. Charles Ruben, and Mr. Adam Schmidt.

Mayor Neitzel led the Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.

There was discussion about the CEO program and the students are currently finishing their projects which entails starting their own business. Alderman Mourning said he personally has a student that he mentors. There are 11 students in the program.

Old Business:

CEO -Provide aprogram update -April Doolin


Mrs. Doolin sent some brochures on the CEO program. They have 14 students enrolled in the program. The students had a money maker to have money for the Homecoming Parade. It is 100% investor funded and do not take money from the school system. The business network and the community connect together. The students start more than one business which they get lanyard and have fundraisers and those who support that student are shown on the lanyard. Each student will start their own business and have a plan and is very hands on. There will be another trade show in a booth at the end of the year. They have Facebook and Twitter Accounts. They tour multiple businesses in the county. There is a student from Greenview and a student from Olympia. They are excited about all the business. The student receives credit through LTEC. The trade show will be in the spring.

CAPCIL - Workforce Development Program

Katie Alexander said the agency wanted to make changes to their program. They are teaching dress for a job interview, how to budget, childcare needs, and started looking for help. This is a pilot program with 16 students and there are income requirements. This will target the working poor. There will be a case manager for each student for any issues that they might have but will not give directly to the client. There will be training to help navigate through the process. They


are outcome driven. CSGB students were incoming out. There are four students from Lincoln and four students from Logan County.

Alderman Bauer said she struggled with the lump sum and with the idea of it being a one-time gift. Where is the line drawn for the City's constituents?

Ms. Rumler-Gomez said each person has an intake appointment to see what their needs are. The comprehensive discussion about legal situation, education issues, are they parents and felt this was a commitment to them. There is a point that they are officially engaged there is a contract between the student and the CSGB.

Mr. Bateman wanted to be thanked for their giving them the funding.

Mr. Ruben said the County had a lot of discussion. He said it was hard to make a plan without knowing how many students would be in this program.

City Administrator Mr. Johnson said the scholarship is to help the people with the classes.

Mr. Craig said he was in favor for scholarships for individual students. They are trying to create

a program in our community and to fund 16 students is a leap of faith.

Alderman Parrott said they will not be back asking and does not see this as a bandaid but a hand up.

Ms. Rumler-Gomez said there is a work key test for the jobs for life. Case managers sit in the classes quite frequently. She was not offended by the questions and was glad to be able to be transparent.

The County has already made a commitment of $30,000.00 to the GSBC Program.

GPEDC - Update onprograms, progress and resources - Jennifer Daly


Ms. Daly was present to give an update. They do business assistance, business attraction, and business startup. Talent Development and Talent Attraction and Retention. Community Development by rural development, CDAP grants and CEDS.

Sally Handley said they have done 93 businesses visits this year. Lots of dollars are being spent in employment training. There is a lot more development in the healthcare industry. A manufacturing network was started to make points of entry to other businesses.


RISE program. See page

There is a website that has properties that are available to put a different business in.

New Business:

Logan County Economic Development Partnership Report


Mr. Bill Thomas said they work closely with GPEDC. They have been working with the business association for Mt. Pulaski. They are working with Sally, Cathy Wilhite and himself. A telepharmacist {prescriptions with an offsite pharmacist), wind farms (4 active), and relight has found an investor. Atlanta will be developing a multi-use commercial building and jointly putting out marketing on Route 66. The military vehicles association MVP will recreate the convoy next summer. 2026 commission for the 1OOth Anniversary for Route 66.

City of Lincoln Report

City Administrator Mr. Johnson said they have started working on the high speed rail in Lincoln this week and the project will be finished by June of next year. The roads are being ...The sewer department started a slip lining project this year. Fifth Street Road plans are moving forward with going to State. $30M has been put into the community. The 3rd Friday festival was a huge success, it is community development and to bring people downtown and enjoy the activities.

Alderman Hoefle said that the City of Lincoln gave $12,000.00 to the Mill to get the renovation done.

Mr. O'Neill thanked the City for the 3ro Friday event.

Mayor Neitzel said that they had department heads in the meetings for the Third Friday's. The City of Lincoln's Street Department facility on Limit Street with everything in one place. Mayor Neitzel said Alderman Hom brought the Jefferson School to the City for the Police Department.

The sewer plant is waiting

"Where we were, Where we are" - Mayor Neitzel & Chairman Hepler

Mayor Neitzel said they were working together and the more they work together the better the County will be.

Dr. Hepler said he was hoping to see everyone working together. The City and the County are working together collaboratively and hoped that it would continue.


September 21, 2016

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Public Comments:

There were no Comments.

The City of Lincoln Special Committee Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Risa Riggs Recording Secretary

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