Council Minutes

Minutes of the City of Lincoln City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting held in the Council Chambers on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

Mayor Goodman called the regular City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were seven Aldermen present (Alderman Bauer, Alderman Browne, Alderman Browne, Alderman Hoefle, Alderman Hoinacki, Alderman Keller, Aldennan Parrott and Alderman Welch) and one (Alderman Hom) absent. Also present were City Street and Alley Superintendent Mr. Landers, Assistant Police Chief Vlahovich, American Water Mr. Ferguson, City Building and Safety Officer Mr.Woodhall, and Fire Chief Miller. Also present were Mayor Goodman, City Treasurer Mr. Conzo, City Clerk Mrs. Bateman and Recording Secretary Mrs. Riggs.

Mayor Goodman led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Participation:

There was no Public Participation .

Lincoln Speedwav Racing Schedule:

This is the third year for this company's running the races (gentleman did not give his name). Most of their races areon Friday night.

Alderman Bauer asked to have this on the Agenda for Monday, February 5, 2018.

Request To Permit -Lincoln Community High School's Railerthon to host the Honest Abe SK Color Splash Run/Walk on February 17, 2018:

Jennifer Quin, her second year as President of Railerthon and to discuss the Railerthon. This is a not-for-profit that works with the local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in our area and specifically to St. John's Children's hospital in Springfield. Their goals are to unite the community and raise funds for local children and to build future leaders. All the funds raised will remain in our community. On March 24, 2018 the event will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Lincoln Community High School. There will be a silent auction, inflatables, food and just a good day of fun.

Adriana Doolin said the race goes through the downtown area to the High School and back to Integrity Data where they started from. They are working on gift bags for the racers.

Alderman Parrott said that these girls are doing this to help others. He asked to have this on the agenda.

Farnsworth-Presentation of Paver Program:

Joe Adams and Scott McDonald were present to discuss the PAVER plan.

Scott McDonald is the PAVER expert. He discussed the challenges and solutions, calculating conditions, critical timing in asset management, the pavement condition rating, PAVER implementation, inventory verification, visual condition inspections, compile data, QC check, analyze results and Farnsworth Prediction models and utilize results to identify targets.

Joe Adams discussed the PCI -Condition Results, average network PCI - 59.67, do nothing for 5 years - 43.36, backlog elimination costs were $22.5M investment, Maintenance targets, development - oil and chip, scarification, micro surfacing reconstruction, maintenance targets, report GIS data, maintenance targets, future condition data and 3-5 years down the road they will need to reassess.

Request to Permi t - Li ncoln Community High School Junior Q ass 29- Roval Grand March Saturday, Mav 5. 2018. Will need to block streets. fro m Broadway (Flossie & Delzena's to McLean @Post Ofli ce:


Alderman Hoinacki asked to place this on the agenda.

Bid: One Ton Dump Truck/Street & Alley Department:

Street Superintendent Mr. Landers said this will replace truck #5. They had four companies bid. Those companies were Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep with a bid of $33,148; Jim Xamis Ford with a bid for $33,330.00; Landmark Ford with a bid of $24,902,00; Landmark Ford, Alternate -

$33,902.00 and Graue, Inc. with a bid of $38,518.00. The bid that Street Superintendent Mr. Landers said the bid from Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep did not meet the specs. He recommended Xamis Ford with a cost of $33,330.00. The funds were in the budget for this year.

This will be placed on the agenda.

Discussion regarding use o( Lincoln Depot:

Mayor Goodman said the costs to run the Depot are $1,500.00 to $1,600.00 per month.

Alderman Parrott said Tourism is interested in working for having access for the work they do and they are interested in some type of agreement and they would be helping with some of the work that would need to be done.

Alderman Bauer asked Chris Wibben, Tourism if she knew what their expenses were. Ms. Wibben said they pay one-third in the place that Tourism is currently located at. They pay one­ third of everything and they pay $641.00. Alderman Parrott said they also split the cost of snow removal. Ms. Wibben said they do not have to pay water where they are currently.

Alderman Keller said Tourism was looking to move to the Depot as there had been discussion with former Mayor Neitzel and former City Administrator Mr. Johnson. Ms. Wibben said they were interested in moving to the Depot.

Alderman Bauer said she and Alderman Hoefle had talked a while back and they have both approached by people within the community that have thoughts about the way we can utilize the space with Abraham Lincoln history as far as the Depot history who personally within her life that have two of the original Western Union chairs that used to be in that space that are willing to donate that back to the Depot. She hoped they would look at an overall strategic plan for complete usage of that space and when people get off the train and if they are inviting them into the space where we are encouraging them to come. She thought they needed to talk about how to furnish the Depot.

City Building and Safety Officer Mr. Weshall said he found in the intergovernmental agreement was a statement that said any space, once the project is finished that was not utilized for the actual waiting station was the City's to lease out. Any space leased must be for the operating and maintenance costs of the facility. He wasn't sure if the City Attorney would see it differently.

Ms. Wibben said they were looking at having flyers and they don't currently have room to do any large meetings they hold them at the local hotels.

City Treasurer Mr. Conzo said this is unique to the City and would be great for the local history and some of the train stations they have a place where you can buy a souvenir. Alderman Browne said the Tourism was already there many years ago and it was in the caboose back in the 1980's. Alderman Hoefle said he envisioned Tourism being there and with the hospitals new trails he could also envision people renting bicycles to ride on the bike path.

Ms. Marilyn Wheat said they had talked about having tours by volunteers to those coming into the community. City Treasurer Mr. Conzo said there are other communities that have the Amtrak Depot and they have organized trips.

Discussion regarding Residential Sewer Rates changing to water usage.Changing of the looks of bill with New Software if changes are made:

Alderman Welch said a meeting was held last Friday about water based usage and what it would take to make that happen.

Switch Over - The Clerk's Office is ready to switch over to the new software on March 5, 2018.

Itis recommended that we proceed with this timeline.

  • Software Changes - The new software is designed to import a file from Illinois-American Water to accommodate flat rate billing for residential service. An upgrade will be necessary to

accommodate the usage based rate structure. Peggy has already talked to Accella developers about this.They will be visiting the City on February 5, 2018 and this can be discussed further. We have until around the time we submit our application (sometime in the Fall) before we must have these changes in place.

  • Past Water Bills Amounts on Sewer Bills - Because water is billed month and sewer is billed quarterly customers may want to review their past water usage which is used to calculate their sewer bill.Peggy is going to speak to Accella developers to see ifamounts for the past three water bills can be printed on the sewer bills.
  • • Annual Pre-Pay (10%)-Currently customers can pre-pay for a year of service and receive a 10% discount for doing so. Because there is no equitable way to pre-pay with usage based billing it is recommended that this program be terminated, and that the city fulfill its commitment to those who have already taken advantage of this program by grandfathering them in until their year of prepay has expired. After their year has expired they will then be billed based on usage.
  • Late Fees - Currently a 10% penalty is imposed for sewer bills that are 30 days late. A flat $25 fee is imposed for bills that are 60 and 90 days late. To ensure that late fees are equitable, sewer bills that are 30 days late should also be a flat $25 fee.
  • Accounts InArrears - Usage based billing will result in bills that are in arrears as opposed to advanced bills for flat rate billing.Council will need to discuss how this will be handled.

There is no decision on this and was just for discussion. Alderman Welch said he wanted to address the bills

Aldennan Bauer said this is a $20M mandate. No decision has been made at this point. Alderman Hoinacki said people didn't realize this was a mandate by the Federal Government.

Request to Promote Rachel Shew to Full-Time:

Alderman Welch said in the packet is a request that he put together to create a new full time position. He was looking out for the City Clerk's office. This will be a full time position at 35 hours per week. There are funds to pay

He asked to have this placed on the agenda.

City Treasurer Mr. Conzo said the annual salary for Rachel Shew would be $27,810.00. The city's contribution for benefits, if Rachel chose the most expensive plan available, would be; Life insurance at $2.01/month, family dental at $58.90/month, and medical at $878.00 with the employee paying $21.95/month and the employee paying 100% of family coverage ifthey elected to cover their family. The following line items could be used to support the creation of

this position: • 02-0204-4016 Salaries/Part Time YTD $8,797.56: Budget remaining $6,178.44 (this is the line Rachel is currently paid from) • 02-0254-4016 Salaries/Part Time (Assistant to the Mayor) YTD $0: Budget remaining $14,976.00 Total budget remaining: $21,154.44. Per the Treasurer this is enough to support this request.

Mrs. Bateman said there is no cross training and she believes they need to learn all thejobs. Alderman Keller thanked Alderman Welch for giving this information. He said he didn't want City Treasurer Mr. Conzo said he knew that City Clerk Mrs. Gehlbach didn't take lunches Alderman Hoinacki said to place on the agenda.


Deputy Vlahovich said there were changes to the original plan for the new Police station and things were changed to bring the bids down from the original bid. One of the items they discussed was to have two separate rooms one being a workout room and the other being a storage room and made some changes to the plan where the Architects inadvertently left out the heating and ventilation cooling duct work and vav's that were supposed to go to those rooms.

When they caught that notation and was asking they immediately went to PJ Herr, their general contractor and they were swift in getting a bid in order to get the heating and cooling in that room. The cost of this is $12,707.67. In the meantime, Deputy Police Chief Vlahovich, Police Chief Adams, Architects and the electrical contractors have revamped the lights inside the building and saving something around $8,000.00 for the lighting package. Now they have received word there is a substantial deduct in the security and detention area in the neighborhood of $86.000.00 and they will be saving approximately $73,000.00. The demolition part of the project is now done and they are now roughing in everything and now is the time to get it done. This is time sensitive issue.

Alderman Welch, Alderman Hoefle were both on board with this to let the Mayor approve it and put this on the regular agenda. The Mayor can approve this and it will be placed on the agenda.

Mayor Goodman requested the reappointment of Mr. Chris Herzog to the Fire and Police Commission be placed on the agenda.

Alderman Welch said he put everything together for a new City Administrator. He sent the brochure back to GovHR on Monday he spoke with Kathleen Rush and she sent back a schedule. The Deadline for resumes is February 23, 2018. They are looking to get someone in place in mid-April.

January 23, 2018

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Alderman Keller said there will be a meeting on January 24, 2018 for the Annual Meeting of the Humane Society of Logan County and the public is invited. The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

Everyone should be receiving a postcard regarding the new trash pickup.

Alderman Hoefle said in November they were looking to get an RFP for cheaper electricity and had sent it to Mayor Goodman so they can get this out and see if the City of Lincoln can get cheaper electricity.

Other Discussion:

There was no other Discussion.

Executive Session:

There was no Executive Session.

Upcoming Meetings:

City Council: Monday, February 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Committee of Whole:   Tuesday, February 13,2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Alderman Hoinacki made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Alderman Browne seconded it. There were seven (Alderman Bauer, Alderman Browne, Alderman Hoefle, Alderman Hoinacki, Alderman Keller, Alderman Parrott and Alderman Welch) and one absent (Alderman Hom) motion carried.

The City of Lincoln Committee of the Whole Meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Risa Riggs Recording Secretary

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